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Trending Products Single Room Heat Energy Recovery Ventilators

Short Description:

Model: ERVQ-B150-1A1F
Airflow: 150m3/h
Introduction: Fresh air + Energy recovery +HEPA Purification
Certification: ?2 (2) 2 (3) 2 (1)

Product Detail

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Main Feature of Eco-Clean Wall Mounted Energy Recovery?Ventilators:

Multiple HEPA purification of 99%;Indoor&outdoor air filtration;High efficiency heat and humidity recovery for optimized air comfort;Indoor slight positive pressure to keep the outdoor polluted air away;

High efficiency fan with DC motors;

Remote control;

Air quality Index(AQI) monitoring;

Silence Operation

Easy installation


Multiple Filtration

erv efficiency

Specifications?of Eco-Clean Wall Mounted Energy Recovery?Ventilators:

Model ERVQ-B150-1A1F
Airflow (m3/h) 150
Filtration efficiency?(%) 99% HEPA
Filtration mode Pm2.5 purify / Deep purify / Ultra purify
Speed DC / 8 speed
Input power (W) 35
Temperature?efficiency?(%) 82
Noise dB(A) 23 - 36
Control Touch screen panel / Remote control
Air quality display PM2.5 / Temp & R.H
Operational Mode Manual / Auto / Timer
Suitable room size (m2) 20 - 45
Dimension (mm) 450*155*660
Weight (kg) 10

room size

Installation Video of Wall Mounted Energy Recovery Ventilators:

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